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Important Messages
The goal is to read EVERY DAY—any reading counts—books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, e-books, audiobooks, even websites!

To add reading time to your log, click the "Add Minutes/View Log" button. You can add the number of minutes you read as often as you want. You should only add the "Which week did you just complete?" and the "Did you read something every day this week?" sections once per week. Once you fill in the sections, click "Save" and then the "Back" button to return to your home page.

Come into the library after the conclusion of each week (Monday-Sunday) to get your weekly prize. If you can't come into the library that week, you can get your prize the next time you come.

When you complete the final week, come into the library to receive your free book.

Get tickets for a special prize drawing every time you visit the library or attend a program. Visit either library to choose the prize you hope to win. The special prize drawing will be held at the end of the summer reading challenge.

Sunday, August 7: Last day to pick up weekly prizes
Sunday, August 21: Last day to pick up your book

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Questions? Ask any staff member!
Emmet is my favorite character because he is the Special!
calling all master builders!
david fentiman
i love lard vader!!!
yoda birds heroes
ruth amos
Prince Phillip gives Aurora a necklace made out of flowers, that looks pretty. Then, Aurora gives Phillip a present.
Sleeping Beauty flowers for Aurora
Sara Miller